DIN EN IEC 63000 (former DIN EN 50581)

The Electrical and Electronic Equipment Substances Regulation of 9 May 2013 implements RoHS II in German national law. This guideline has been adapted to the “new legislative framework”, meaning that the requirements of the EU declaration of conformity and CE marking need to be met.

The officially recognized standard DIN EN IEC 63000, former DIN EN 50581, has proven itself as an effective tool for RoHS implementation. The standard regulates the creation of a technical documentation for substantiating compliance with substance restrictions as found in the RoHS, for example. Besides the purely material-specific documentation of the end product, and hence the bought-in parts and materials, this also embraces the regulation of general documents such as the product description or documentation of specifications in obligatory documentations. The upshot being that the general requirements need to be covered by way of a corresponding process landscape on the one side, and the material-specific requirements by way of a communication and documentation process on the other.